New Sixpoint beers in the UK


We've been patiently waiting for these 3 great beers and now they've arrived and available to order...

Helles lager, Alpenflo joins the core Sixpoint range available in the UK; The Crisp, Sweet Action, Bengali and Resin to make 5 great NY beers available all year round.

On limited release, Jammer and Righteous Ale join the portfolio to bring some seasonal speciality options this summer for discerning beer drinkers in the UK - a gose and a rye ale with two very different flavour profiles.

Trade requests: available to order via your wholesaler now or contact us on 0207 938 3991 to find out your best route to market.


Helles Lager, 4.9% ABV

Some beers are easy to make and difficult to drink… but ALPENFLO is the opposite on both counts.

It took Sixpoint to acquire the materials and formula for Alpenflo—we’re talking all-malt, 100% 2-row barley, and they source all of the Tettnanger hops directly from family farms in Bavaria to give it that gentle spice. This lager is then cold-stored in horizontal lagering tanks to round out the flavour profile.

Available to order in cans via your wholesaler now - or contact us for route to market info.

Sixpoint Alpenflo Helles Lager


Gose, 4% ABV

It's Summer and it's time for some refreshing, spritzy, tangy waves of JAMMER.

These days you see goses everywhere — in 2011 they were an oddity, and only really old school craft heads even knew what Sixpoint were talking about. Their original was a draft-only brew that barely made it out of NYC… tasty but needed to be dialled in. They’ve been tweakin’ that jammer ever since, getting the pH level, the salinity, and that coriander aroma just right. Sixpoint want it tart enough to tingle your taste buds, but not so sour that you can’t throw back a few.

It’s the rooftop jammer you can slam all summer.

Sixpoint Jammer Gose

Righteous Ale

Barrel Aged Rye Ale, 10.5% ABV

There’s a certain righteousness about a beer made with three types of rye malts and then smoothed out in a blend of rye whiskey and bourbon barrels. The journey spans months, but the results are undeniable.

After years of tinkering with small batch, Sixpoint went all in on this barrel fleet. Righteous is housed in both Bourbon and Rye barrels for a layered and complex beer with flavours ranging from spicy rye character to maple to vanilla.

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New Sixpoint beers in the UK


New Sixpoint beers in the UK

Three new Sixpoint beers land in the UK; Alpenflo, a refreshing Helles lager, a sour yet quaffable Jammer and a Righteous Ale, a hefty 10.5% ABV barrel-aged rye ale. Read more about these 3 beers from Brooklyn and get in touch to order some in for your discerning beer drinkers.



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