Big Flavour Session Beers


The Holy Grail for all Bar Managers, finding decent craft beers that are big on flavour but don't come with a whopping abv. 

Here are 12 craft beers around or under 5% to help you put together a great beer menu and keep customers happy. And drinking! 


Brewed stateside, you are guaranteed authenticity and big flavours at just 4.5% abv. Both of these beers are available in bottle or keg, packed with American hops and citrus aromas but unique in their own style. Fordham's Route 1 IPA and Saugatuck's Backyard IPA are the 'GO TO' IPAs for those who 'like to do stuff'!


Fordham Gypsy, a respectable 5% abv lager, is available in bottle and keg. Helles style, brewed in the US, beautifully hopped with a honeyed backbone. Our most sought after beer because it delivers big flavour at a reasonable strength. 
Wingtip The Captain has a nice low abv at 4.5% and is available in bottle and now cans as well. Brewed in the UK, Pilsner in style, floral hop aroma, grassy notes and a luscious, lingering bitter finish.


Cucapa Honey Amber, 4.5% abv, brewed in Mexico and, like their cuisine, it's full of zing and interest.
Fordham Copperhead Ale, 5% abv, US brewed, available in bottle & keg, is hop forward and packed with liquorice, caramelised malts.
Saugatuck's Third Bear at 5.5% just pips the abv mark but as it is so good and coming to the UK soon, we thought we'd throw it in. Preview it at the GBBF - International bar. 


Cucapa Clasica, 4.5% abv. As the name says: a Mexican classic. Creamy blonde, orange notes and great beer for pairing with Nachos.
Saugatuck Oval Beach Blonde, 5% abv, US craft. We defy anyone not to want to drink another. US blondes are in a league of their own. Available in bottle and keg.


Back by popular demand, Fordham Wisteria Wheat, 5% abv, is here with a twist. Think bananas, cloves, summer breeze... we LOVE this beer.
Looking for a draught option? Check out Wingtip's keg only range of German wheat biers, offering the choice of both light: Cirrus 9, 5%,  and dark, Night Flight at 4.9%.

And there you have it. 11 session-able and full flavoured craft beers between 4.5 and 5%. And 1 cheeky 5.5% in there too. 



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