Fordham Sunseeker


This May will see the launch of Fordham’s new wheat beer, Sunseeker, in the UK: an unfiltered, American Pale Wheat Ale style beer brewed in Delaware, USA. Available in bottles and on draft.
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Sunseeker: One who envisions a life filled with sunshine, good beer, and marvellous times. With hints of clove and banana bread this unfiltered wheat ale is the perfect Sunseeker’s sidekick…even when the sun goes down.


Do you know your ‘Hefe’ from your ‘Weizen’?

Sunseeker is a German Hefeweizen style wheat beer which are known for their noticeable yeast sediment and cloudy appearance. ("Hefe” means yeast and "wizen” means wheat by the way!) Germans tend to call wheat beers Weissbier but Americans prefer Hefeweizen. (pronounced hay-fuh-veyt-sssenn)

The German Hefeweizen style beer differs from the Belgian style wheat beer because of the types of flavours that are produced by the Bavarian yeast: clove, bubblegum, banana, vanilla and sometimes notes of apple. This type of wheat beer is usually brewed with a ratio of 50% wheat 50% malted barley.


Perfect for matching with food 

We love Sunseeker with lighter foods such as chicken salad, sushi, seafood – especially lobster, salmon and scallops and it’s great with weisswurst – Bavarian sausage flavoured with parsley, lemon, mace and cardamom. Boursoin or other herby cheese spreads are nicely matched, as well as key lime pie, strawberry cheesecake, banoffie pie and apple tart (or apple doughnuts).


Chicken salad & Sunseeker – a perfect Summer pairing


Jim Lutz, President and CEO of Fordham & Dominion, says,

"The South German style hefeweizen is such a go-to food beer and it’s this culinary diversity that we believe opens the door for more craft beer enthusiasts…. We’ve been experimenting with this recipe for a few years so being able to finally add it as a year-round offering is exciting stuff.”

Available in bottle and keg, Fordham’s Sunseeker is launching this summer, complementing the rest of the range – which consists of Route One Session IPA, Copperhead Amber Ale, Gypsy Lager and Rams Head IPA.

Get in touch if you’re keen to try it!

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