Octoberfest time!


The Fordham & Dominion Brewery in Delaware, USA, has come up trumps again with this years Octoberfest brew.

Each year we look forward to the arrival of this great seasonal lager, a modern American interpretation of a traditional German Märzen. Dominion Octoberfest is brewed with eight types of imported German malts and three hop varieties. This beer has won awards aplenty in previous years and this one certainly lives up to its predecessors.

Octoberfest is a smooth, medium bodied brew with notes of grain, bready malt, caramel and a subtle grassy hop character with a crisp bitterness that makes this classic style of lager a perfect Autumn beer.s.


"The hops were not like others, these hops were spicy and complemented the malt odour, not overpower it. The taste was more complex than the nose let on. The normal malt flavours lead into some very distinct caramel tones. The hops then come in and balance out the sweetness, but don’t take all of the sweetness away. The beer finishes with a nice biscuit dryness. I was surprised to find a little heat in this one as well. I really enjoyed this one... Good work Old Dominion" Nate, Brewery Reviewery

Beer Fact

Märzen, the style of beer associated with the German Oktoberfest, literally translates to March. Traditionally, brewing ended in March because the summer heat meant it was too hot to brew and ferment beer (no refrigeration back then!). The Märzen beers were typically brewed with a higher alcohol content and stored in cellars until the hot summer was over.

Food pairings

Pairs well with spicy food, hearty stews and Brätwurst

Available in the UK now on draft

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