About Us

We believe a beverage should be an experience, not just a drink.

Heathwick is an importer, distributor and brand builder of unique beverages. Our belief is that a truly good beverage should make you stop what you are doing and pay attention.

Nowadays, consumers have a myriad of choice on where to eat and drink. Style alone, will not set venues apart. An exciting and fresh décor is great, but if what you are serving is the norm and uninspiring, the experience falls short and less likely to be repeated.

This is where Heathwick comes into its own. We deem that a beverage should be an experience, not just a drink.  Our emphasis is on believing in the product and working with venues that share the same values. We don’t look at old formulas and think, “Ok, we’d best do it that way”. We view each part of the process with clear vision and an open minded attitude that allows us to lead the way.

We do this with the support of our sales team on the road to provide that invaluable personal touch and love to make plenty of noise on social media and through our marketing.

The one thing we are, perhaps more secretly, a little proud of is our intuition; having a nose for what has potential and is up and coming as well as spotting gaps in the market. 

We first began importing the Fordham and Dominion American craft beer brands back in 2011, and just like our dynamic team, the Heathwick portfolio is continuing to grow. If you have a product that fits our criteria, (ie. it’s tip top) or if you have a passion and a skill set that may fit with our team, get in touch. We’d be delighted to hear from you.



Product Quality & Importation

Selecting only the right products and believing in the people that produce them is paramount. Ensuring the product retains its high quality throughout the shipping and distribution process is a key metric in our services. Where necessary we will use temperature controlled transport.

We also have the ability to consolidate smaller pallet quantities into container loads, allowing us to keep import costs to a minimum.


Heathwick are partners with all major UK wholesalers; this collectively provides a service focused national distribution network. The wholesalers support the full Heathwick product portfolio thereby garnering considerable economies of scale in the distribution of our existing product lines and any new additions.


This is where we have our fun. There’s no point having the most fantastic products and not being able to shout about it.

Whether it is through a press release, point of sale, e-blast, advertorial, events or social media, our marketing team enjoy nothing better than making sure people know about our products and supporting our stockists.

Sales Team

At the core of our strategy are customer needs, both trade and consumer, which is why our sales team pound that beat, to meet those of you who sell the drinks and hear what you have to say.

From staff training to consumer tasting events, the team are there to assist and develop the brands in a personal way across the UK.


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