What is 'TAILGATING' ?

Tailgate parties originated in the US and were pre-game social events, based in a parking lot (by the back of your car’s “tailgate”) where there was much beer drinking and food grilling to be done before watching the match!

The Brewery

In 2004, Tim Keegan gave his son, Wesley, the trademark name ‘Tailgate Beer’, after winning a contest over the name with Anheuser-Busch. Tim and Wesley knew this was an outstanding name for a beer because of all the great Tailgate parties they had attended. As a then 21 year-old ocean lifeguard, bar co-owner and home-brewer, Wesley was determined to develop his brewing skills to a level of excellence. Originating in Southern California, in 2007, Wesley’s brew started to make waves at the Great American Beer Festival and Tailgate Beer was born. In 2014, Wesley moved the brewery out to Nashville, Tennessee where Tailgate is still the same great beer as before but with a bit of country thrown in.

The Beers

After establishing themselves for brewing quality sessionable craft beers that offer all the flavour without the headache, Tailgate have grown in their prowess and are enjoying the dream of experimental brewing.

Their latest creations, Grapefruit IPA and Peanut Butter Milk Stout, are a great example of their ability to conjure great flavours that take the whole beer experience to another level.

Tailgate says…

Good cans change. Great beer doesn’t

Tailgate Beers

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