The Brewery

Founded by Barry and Kathy Johnson, Saugatuck Brewing Company began life in 2005 at a small, industrial warehouse building in Douglas, Michigan. By 2014, SBC had grown into a successful microbrewery with a 40 barrel brewing system as well as a pub, restaurant, commercial kitchen and banquet hall! Now located over the road on the shore of Lake Michigan alongside the beautiful beaches, SBC is a highly regarded microbrewery owned collectively by its shareholders and is operated by a passionate and energetic team, both young and old, who are extremely talented, dedicated and sometimes also a little on the crazy side. Saugatuck Brewery are members of the US Brewer's Association.

The Beers

With three outstanding brews available in the UK, Saugatuck Brewing Co. have given us a diverse range to play with. The award winning, beautifully balanced and nutty ESB Amber Ale; Oval Beach Blonde, a delicately and skillfully balanced, easy drinking light ale and, last but not least, Neapolitan Milk Stout, a quite magical dessert stout boasting flavours of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry! All three have classic American labeling and are ideal for pairing with a variety of dishes or enjoyed alone. Sauagatuck’s range provides the perfect gateway into the world of craft beer with a few surprises along the way.

Saugatuck Brewing Company says…

Our goal is to be a strong, successful microbrewery, continually striving to produce high quality liquid for our beer loving friends both across the mid-west and in the UK!

Saugatuck Beers

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