Dominion Sodas

The Brewery

Old Dominion Brewing Co. began life in 1989 in Virginia. The small brewpub quickly became a production brewery that was named one of the Top 50 breweries in the U.S. Based on the breweries’ shared values and a common philosophy of quality brewing, Fordham & Dominion joined forces and moved to Delaware where they make some truly incredible craft beers and, with the same skill and integrity, have created this great range of sodas.

The Sodas

Genuine American sodas, all Dominion soft drinks are made with pure cane sugar (or pure honey in the root beer), without a drop of high fructose corn syrup insight. They are also non alcoholic, caffeine free and brewed to meet EU regulations. 

There are three outstanding classic American flavours: Root Beer (one that knocks the socks off its peers, in our humble opinion); Creamy Orange Soda and the sumptuous Black Cherry Soda. As well as being a more interesting alternative to your average soft drink, the sodas are perfect for accompanying food, as recipe ingredients, floats, cocktails, mixers.... flexible little minxes!

In fact, our latest discovery is that the Black Cherry is a fantastically great alternative mixer for gin. Just the tonic but without the tonic!

Dominion says…

Our main goal is to continue to brew fresh, high-quality, handcrafted soda that everyone can enjoy. Onward and upward, above and beyond, livin’ the dream every day.

Dominion Sodas

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