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The craft beer experience sets out to challenge people's perceptions of beer by educating consumers in the world of craft beer, whilst also helping those in the trade exceed customer expectations. By offering a great range of beers with eye catching packaging, complex flavours and encouraging innovative use of the beers through food matching and cocktail making (#beercocktails) you’ll really get the most of craft beer.

Leading you through the world of craft beer…

Make sure you choose a rounded portfolio of quality craft beers. The Heathwick range offers a step-by-step approach into the world of craft brewing, challenging any preconceptions. Starting with session-able transition beers to coax the curious into staying the distance, they deliver full on depth and flavour that intentionally stop short of overpowering the rookie and sending them straight back into the yellow-fizz zone. The journey continues up the scale, playing a very fine-tune en-route until you reach the hop-heaven, tongue-tastic brews that challenge drinkers to defy the ordinary.

Quality, from start to finish

Heathwick only works with expert breweries who take enormous pride in producing beer of the highest quality. But that is just the start of the journey. Ensuring it reaches the lips of the drinker in the same capacity is key and the responsibility of us all. Where necessary Heathwick will use temperature controlled containers to import and work very closely with our wholesalers in making sure it’s delivered to your venue’s door in good shape. Of course, making sure everything is pouring perfectly and without wastage is a tricky skill but one that can mean the difference between profit and loss.


Best Practices Guide To Quality Craft Beer

Delivering Optimal Flavour to the Consumer
The US Brewer’s Association has put together a great guide (we think!) on how to maintain the beer's high quality during storage and pouring - a great training tool for cellar and bar staff. Click here to download.

Delivering Quality Draft Beer
All Heathwick draft beers come in disposable petainer kegs, with an American Sankey D type connector. We recommend that you do not disconnect a keg for longer than 20 minutes to avoid spoiling the contents. Getting the gas mix right is also essential - click here for a quick guide or here for the USBA's in depth manual. 

No ‘Wham bam, thank you Mams!’ here

Some things are too good to rush. To truly benefit from the complexity of the brews, our beers can be enjoyed with stemmed branded glassware that has been designed to allow the flavours to sing. Holding the glass by the stem permits the drinker to properly savour the experience without warming the beer. We provide 1/2pint-2/3 glasses as well as 2/3-full pint, giving you the flexibility to serve at a price point best suited for your customer.


Looking goo-oo-ood

We can’t talk about the craft beer experience without talking about the awesome packaging on these beer bottles and cans. Just looking at them gets you interested to know more. They shout ‘American’ – all part of the customer appeal and promise. The tap handles and fisheyes that are yours, if you sell on draft, are just as awesome and eye catching as the labels. First impressions count, so use your fridge shelves to best effect and have your greatest looking and most profitable beers on display.

Have fun with beer

The diversity and complexity of the beers make them ideal for food matching – a good match can transform both the drink and dish. If you sell food at your venue, then providing a written menu with suggested beer pairing is a MUST and will really increase beer sales with the food as well as provide a more enjoyable experience for the customer. You don’t have to be an official beer sommelier to match beer with food. Craft beers can also be great ingredients in cocktails and cooking. We keep our blog constantly updated with ideas for cooking with beer and creating beer cocktails and would love for you to get involved. Get creative with craft beers and tell us your ideas.

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You’ve got a friend

We are so proud to have our beers in so many great venues throughout the UK and love to shout about it whenever we can – especially through social media. Be sure to follow/like/visit and share a drink, photo or video with us. Likewise, if you need staff training, just call. If you want to organise a tasting, food matching menu or any promotional event, our team are there to offer  advice and support. Enjoy our craft beers, educate your staff and customers, boost your profits and, of course, always drink responsibly. Cheers!


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