6 Summer Craft Beers


Dominion Grapefruit APA

We know Dominion produce outstanding award winning beers – Hop Mountain and Oak Barrel Stout to name just two. So when we tried this Grapefruit American Pale Ale we were expecting something pretty special. And we weren’t disappointed! This pale ale is the perfect complement to the warm weather; subtle citrus aromas from the grapefruit zest used in the brew and plenty of hop bitterness will get you ordering another and firing up the BBQ in no time. Available on keg only this Summer.
This is a brand new beer arriving in the UK this month so keep an eye out for it or tweet us to find out stockists.

Dominion Cherry Blossom Lager

No British Summer is complete without a pint of this delightful lager. A far cry from the fruit beers of the high street, this is what the craft beer movement does well; something a little different, something with real ingredients, but most of all, something which just tastes SO much better than it should. With subtle tart cherry flavours and a light carbonation, Cherry Blossom lager is refined, refreshing and the real thing. Get it while it last because once it’s gone, you won’t see any more until the 2017 brew.

Buy online here


Tailgate Grapefruit IPA

There a few Grapefruit beers around this Summer because it just works so well. This Grapefruit IPA is the surprise of the year for us. We knew it would be good as this brewery punchy citrusy number just dying to get out of the can and slap you around the face with its freshness. What’s brilliant about this beer is the beautiful grapefruit aroma and the balance of grapefruit flavour against the hops; it’s just perfection. You’re going to want a lot of these in your fridge at all times this Summer. Guaranteed.

Stock your fridges here

Both Tailgate cans can be found at The Independent Spirit of Bath.

Tailgate PBMS

Throwing an experimental beer in to this mix of Summer ‘must try’s’ with a can of American stout. Oh, but this is not just any stout. A clear aroma of peanut butter and a subtle roasted peanut butter flavor alongside smooth malty loveliness. Adjectives elude us as we’re so bowled over by its cleverness and daydreaming of supping this beer sat on the tailgate of the brewers truck in Tennessee, hoping to overhear what the brewers are talking about coming up with next.

The UK has gone nuts (excuse the pun) for this beer so buy it here while you still can

Fordham Wisteria Wheat

Wheat beers are craft beer, all done up for summer. Wisteria Wheat is the festival loving, shorts, flip flops and wayfarer wearing character of the craft beer scene. Think hazy sunshine and a light breeze and enjoy the banana, clove and smooth velvety carbonation taste of this superb wheat ale.


Saugatuck Neapolitan Milk Stout

This beer is popular come Summer or Winter, either drunk on its own for a mind bending taste experience – flavours of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate in a light, smooth, extremely drinkable stout. Or enjoy as a dessert stout - the fun of 1980s ice cream with the ABV of something much more grown up.

Recently discussed on The Beer O’Clock Show if you’re keen to learn more about this beer
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