Beer Cocktails


Beer cocktails are nothing new. Beer has been used as a cocktail ingredient for many many years. The 'Flip' - a heated mix of beer, rum and sugar that was drunk around the1690s and the 'Boilermaker' - a beer and whisky chaser drank by metal craftsmen working on North American steam locomotives.  

The craft beer boom of recent years along with the ever popular cocktail list, has thrown beer cocktails back into the limelight, as mixologists from all over the world play around with a wider variety of hop and malt flavours than ever before available.

We gave the mixologists at one of our favourite cocktail bars a selection of the beers we import and then went down one afternoon to talk beer cocktails with them and see what they came up with. And what a fun afternoon it was! This formed the basis of the Heathwick 'Inspired Cocktails' suggestions and we're always adding to it - let us know if you have a great recipe and we'd love to feature it!

Beer for Breakfast 

100ml Fordham Gypsy Lager

37.5ml Tincup Whiskey

12.5ml plum & cinnamon cordial - optional

1 bar spoon of marmalade

25ml lemon juice
1 egg white

 Shake all ingredients over ice, except for the lager. Strain into a tall glass and top with Gypsy Lager. Garnish with orange peel.

Created by Chris Hart, mixologist at Above Audio, Brighton (made for us by Sam Sidgwick, above) 


Fordham Flip 

100ml Fordham Copperhead Ale

37.5ml bourbon 

15ml lemon juice

1 egg

2 bar spoons of sugar (icing sugar works well)

Whisk the egg and sugar (shake with springs from a Hawthorn stirrer).  Heat the bourbon, Copperhead Ale and lemon juice in a metal jug – use a coffee steaming wand. Carefully fold the foamed egg into the warm ale and bourbon. Serve in a tall glass and sprinkle cinnamon/nutmeg on top. 

Created by Sam Sidgwick, freelance mixologist 


Pisco Beach Sour 

50ml Saugatuck Oval Beach Blonde

25ml pisco

25ml lemon juice

10ml gomme

Stir on ice and serve with an orange twist

Created by Sam Sidgwick, freelance mixologist.


Chased by a Burleigh White Lady

50ml Dominion Candi Tripel Belgian Ale

35ml Burleighs London Dry Gin

20ml Elderflower liqueur

10ml Krupnik

3 squeezes of lime juice

1 egg white

Shake all ingredients (except the beer) and top with Dominion Candi Tripel Belgian Ale.

Created by Andy Clarke, Bar Manager at The City Barge, Chiswick.


Oak Barrel Martini

50ml Dominion Oak Barrel Stout

30ml vodka

25ml coffee liqueur

Shake over ice and strain into chilled martini glass. Garnish with 3 coffee beans

Created by Sam Sidgwick, freelance mixologist. 

You can download these beer cocktail recipes here 


Product Recall Notice


Product Recall Notice

Allergy Alert - Saugatuck Brewing Co.  Neapolitan Milk Stout 355ml and Blueberry & Maple Stout 355ml.  Heathwick Limited re recalling these products due to milk and oaks not being declared as an allergen. This means the products are a possible health risk for anyone with an allergy or intolerance to milk or oats.


DC Brau Brewing coming to the UK


DC Brau Brewing coming to the UK

Launching in March’22, Heathwick is delighted to bring Washington DC based DC Brau Brewing’s bold and innovative beers to the UK imported craft beer market, showcasing these exciting, modern American craft beers to UK drinkers.


Tailgate Peanut Butter Milk Stout


Tailgate Peanut Butter Milk Stout

The ever-present Tailgate Peanut Butter Milk Stout 5.2% abv continues to receive rave reviews across the UK. Available in 355ml cans, online and retail sales have increased by 200% compared to the same period last year. For your nearest stockist Google Tailgate PBMS.



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