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Let us take you on a journey... The Heathwick Craft Beer Experience sets out to challenge people's perceptions of beer by educating consumers in the world of craft beer, whilst also helping those in the trade exceed customer expectations. By offering a great range of beers with eye catching packaging, complex flavours and encouraging innovative use of the beers through food matching and even cocktail making you’ll really get the most of craft beer.

Can you host an event in your bar / restaurant / bottle shop?

Yes! We can host two types of session for you; a tasting education experience for your customers and a training experience for your staff. Both sessions work for people with even the most basic beer knowledge but contains enough information to ensure craft beer enthusiasts learn more and are inspired.

Customer Craft Beer Experience

Hosted as a drop-in session, we'll set up a tasting station in your pub, club or bottle shop from where we’ll offer samples and introduce consumers to the beers in our portfolio that suit your bar. Your customers can join in and try any beers throughout the evening; they will be offered samples to suit their palate and guided through the flavour profile of selected beers. 

As well as engaging your customers with the beers you stock, these sessions increase sales during the event. We also bring branded merchandise that can be given to customers as an incentive on multibuys, increasing both the variety of beers purchased over your bar and the spend per head.

If you would like to take this session a stage further we can also work with you to organise an unforgettable beer and food pairing event. We work closely with your chef to create a menu that’s perfectly matched with your beers: from bar snacks to a 3 course menu!

Staff Training Experience

There are a vast number of bartenders and shop assistants that don't realise how much of an important role they play in the influence of customer sales, this influencer focused session will  equip your sales staff with relevant knowledge and unlock their potential to confidently influence the sale of craft beers in your site. A full tasting of our entire portfolio lasts around two hours but training will be tailored to your listings.


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Why host a Craft Beer Experience session?

As the craft beer trend continues to grow it is important to keep ahead of the game, ensuring your staff are able to help you optimise sales in an ever competitive market. By offering your customers something beyond the norm when they visit your establishment, the Craft Beer Experience is geared to assist business growth through fun and engaging sessions that will boost sales, increase your team’s knowledge and build customer loyalty.


Customer and staff training services are subject to availability of dates. Please contact us to enquire.



Product Recall Notice


Product Recall Notice

Allergy Alert - Saugatuck Brewing Co.  Neapolitan Milk Stout 355ml and Blueberry & Maple Stout 355ml.  Heathwick Limited re recalling these products due to milk and oaks not being declared as an allergen. This means the products are a possible health risk for anyone with an allergy or intolerance to milk or oats.


DC Brau Brewing coming to the UK


DC Brau Brewing coming to the UK

Launching in March’22, Heathwick is delighted to bring Washington DC based DC Brau Brewing’s bold and innovative beers to the UK imported craft beer market, showcasing these exciting, modern American craft beers to UK drinkers.


Tailgate Peanut Butter Milk Stout


Tailgate Peanut Butter Milk Stout

The ever-present Tailgate Peanut Butter Milk Stout 5.2% abv continues to receive rave reviews across the UK. Available in 355ml cans, online and retail sales have increased by 200% compared to the same period last year. For your nearest stockist Google Tailgate PBMS.



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