Point of the Bluff

Finger Lakes, USA

Set on the beautiful Keuka Lake, in New York State, in the heart of the US Finger Lakes region, Point of the Bluff is a boutique vineyard, managed by award winning winemaker Mike Countryman.

The Finger Lakes area (and Mike) is renowned for producing some exquisite Rieslings and Ice Wines. Leaving the German ‘Blue Nun’ style in the past, Point of the Bluff has evolved and cultivated the grape variety to new realms and now produces a dry and semi-dry Riesling and a highly revered Ice Wine – all of the calibre integral to the renewed interest for Rieslings. Working with a vineyard in California, Point of the Bluff also produce a rich and velvety Syrah, testament to the skills of Mike Countryman as a winemaker. 

From start to finish

At Point of the Bluff vineyards, they believe that wine making begins in the vineyard, and requires the finest grapes sourced from the very best growers of their regions. Whether growing Riesling or Pinot Noir in New York at their own Keuka Lake vineyards, or grapes grown in other regions around the world, their winemaker works with vineyard managers to ensure that the grapes are grown, tended and harvested to the highest standards.

Mike believes fine wine making is like gourmet cooking: there are more creative opportunities allowing for spectacular results when you start with the finest seasonal ingredients from anywhere, treat them with respect, celebrate the purity of what they possess, and allow the winemaker to express his vision of what they can become.

About the Winemaker

Michael Countryman is a hands-on winemaker and vineyard manager who has been growing grapes and making wine in the Finger Lakes for over two decades. In that time, his wines have garnered top awards in competitions all over the world, including: Best of Show, Best of Class and Best in the World to name just a few. A few of Mike’s favourite wines to make are Riesling, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet and a variety of Dessert and Ice Wines. He also enjoys brewing beer!

Point of the Bluff Wines

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