Soft Drinks Sensations

Heathwick has a strict but simple criterion when choosing which soft drinks to import from the USA to the UK. They have to cause a sensation!

From their flavour, colour and ingredients to the possibilities they offer - a truly good beverage is never just a beverage. It’s a state of mindfulness.

Demand more choice!

Having the limited choice of the same old cola or lemonade can be a tad tiresome at best. That’s why intelligent bar and restaurant owners are expanding their range and nothing beats a classic American soda. Crafted in a brewery that is passionate about its brews, Heathwick’s Dominion Root Beer, Black Cherry and Creamy Orange contain no alcohol, no caffeine and no high fructose corn syrup. Instead, the range with their full-on-flavour and natural ingredients of honey, black cherries and orange (respectively) offers a kaleidoscope of colours and excitement - and they meet EU regulations.


A land of opportunity

From mocktails to cocktails to luscious soda floats, you can really play around with the flavours on offer.

Like the sound of Sticky Root Beer Ribs? Or Black Cherry Tiramasu? Creamy Orange Creamsicle with Champagne cocktail? There are plenty more where they come from – keep an eye out on our blog for cooking recipes.

New Discovery

We couldn’t leave you without sharing our new discovery. You have to try Black Cherry soda as an alternative mixer with gin. It’s just the tonic, without being tonic!

You’ve got a friend

We are so proud to have our sodas in the best bars, pubs and restaurants in the UK and love to shout about it too – especially through Social Media. Be sure to follow/like/visit and share a drink with us. Likewise, if you need staff training, just call and we’ll be there.

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