Spirit of Adventure

A bar with a great choice of quality drinks, high margins and bartenders who know their products, has a winning formula. They know that a true premium spirit should be exciting, complex, flexible, distinctive and a welcome addition to any decent back bar. At Heathwick, finding those artisan spirits that take you on an adventure and sit a cut above the rest is our quest.

What's the story?

Every Heathwick spirit has a story. And everyone loves a good story! From what originally inspired its creation, to where the ingredients come from, to how it's crafted - each bit of the story impacts the final product's character and taste. We pass the unique provenance on to bar managers and staff so that the story can continue. And when it's ordered and enjoyed by the customer, there's your happy ending.

Signature Serves

Each spirit has signature serves that really make the flavours sing. Just by changing the garnish you can create a different drink. There are several G&T's that come recommend with Burleighs London Dry Gin, such as a twist of pink grapefruit or a sprig of rosemary but we were interested in how the distiller himself drinks his gin. The answer? A peeling of orange rind, rubbed around the rim of the glass and then squeeze into the gin and tonic. Sounds good to us!

Take a look at Burleighs Suggested Serves.


Mix it up

Any spirit worth its weight will have at least a few classic cocktails up its sleeve that really show off the flavours of the spirit whilst balancing it perfectly with the other ingredients. Consumers expect a great cocktail menu these days and a discerning bar can really set itself apart by nurturing the creativity of their mixologists. Keep an eye on our blog for cocktail suggestions to excite your customers and boost your margins. Have a play around with our products and tell us your ideas; we love to hear about and share cocktail recipes!

New Discovery

We couldn’t leave you without sharing our new discovery. You have to try Dominion Black Cherry soda as an alternative mixer with gin. It’s just the tonic, without being tonic!

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