The Wonder of Wine

Be not afraid

At Heathwick, we like to keep an ear to the ground for anything intriguing, with an open-mind to what customers may be looking for. Our attitude towards wine is no different. Some may say we have a ‘nose’ for what has high potential in the lesser explored categories, which is why our customers tend to be trend setters with their fingers on the pulse.

Baby, it’s cold outside: Ice Wine

Mid-winter, in the early hours of the morning, as the grapes huddle rigidly frozen, out, come the grape pickers of Point of the Bluff vineyards. Point of The Bluff, located in upstate New York’s Finger Lakes region and managed by the revered winemaker Mike Countryman, is the boutique vineyard and winery that produces our award winning Ice Wine. A dessert wine of difference and produced in very small quantities, Ice Wine is coveted by Sommeliers and wine lovers the world over. This one is no exception.


Beyond retro: Riesling

Blue Nun and Black Tower, are just some of the German Rieslings you associate with a time gone by (if you’re old enough), when Britain was just really starting to explore the wonders of wine. We’ve come a long way since then, thank goodness, with Riesling being out of vogue for some time. However! Unbeknown to many, the Americans have been cultivating the German grape variety, amongst others, for the last 10 years and developing a new Riesling style that blows any memories of the past out of the water.

By telling you our Riesling, Ice Wine and Syrah has won multiple awards doesn’t do it justice enough. Held in esteem by wine experts, the Finger Lake’s region, with its colder climes, is now regarded as one of the leading areas of the globe for such varieties. Try it for yourself.

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